You can come and bring it to me or I can come to your house if the object is too heavy. The quote is free. If the object is repairable I will give you a correct cost's estimate of the intervention so you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

I can intervene quickly even on the week-end to solve your power failure.

I am electrician for over 20 years. I can easily carry out small electrical work of a professional quality while respecting the norms in force.

Last 20 years I worked in several electrical companies. Each of them gave me know-how. Today I feel comfortable doing several types of work. I have the necessary tools and machines to be completely independent.

I have installed solar panel systems for Ecogest Solution, I can help you to realize this project.

My experience as a technician at Swisscom will no doubt be useful to you. I can check and repair your copper line if necessary. Install an auxiliary device to improve the wifi signal. Install a new RJ45 plug to be connected directly to the modem and get the best debit ! The procedure is only performed in your home. If the line is defective between the telephone exchange and your introductory box, your service provider will do the repair free of charge. (The intervention of a technician by your operator is chargeable and more expensive if the breakdown is located in your home but free if it is between the telephone exchange and the box of introduction of your building.)

Viruses or misuse can be the cause. I can fix it all this !

I can give you some lessons so your computer, smartphone or tablet becomes your best friend.

There are many platforms like Wordpress, Wix, etc. which allow you to easily create a blog or website. this website was made by Wordpress. I can introduce you to these technologies or make the website for you. You need a more specific website or application to manage your business, I can develop it for you !