Hello! Welcome to my website!


My name is David Krattinger, I am 41 years old and I come from Fribourg in Switzerland.


Being independent since 2017 I decided to create my own website. I want through my website to make me known and offer my services to businesses as private persons. I am an electrician and analyst-programmer certified.


It’s been nearly 20 years now that I am an electrician. I have worked in several companies and gained a lot of experience. I did some complex and complete installations in strong and low current. Having always been fascinated by computers and more particularly by computer programs, I was trained in 2001 to obtain my diploma of analyst-programmer. These last 15 years of development allow me today to create applications of qualities. I invite you to consult my CV if you want to have more information about my professional career.


2010 was a turning point in my life. I spent several months in Peru to work voluntarily in a natural reserve in the Amazon rainforest. Since I caught the virus of travel and become independent was a logical sequence to reconcile travel and work. Being free, not constantly having a schedule in my head, having time to take time with the client to finally get a job well done is something that is important to me and that I appreciate particularly.


In 2018 I was a volunteer repairer for the first time in a Repair CafĂ©. The goal is to give a second life to the defective object and especially to fight against overconsumption and increasing waste. Successfully fixing it and seeing the satisfaction in the eyes of the person who brought it to me is the greatest reward! Since then, I specialize in the field because that’s what I like above all and which gives real sense to my life!


On these last words, I hope you will enjoy visiting my website. It will evolve little by little when I have time. I will add a DIY page so that you can carry out small and safe tasks yourself and a second page for computer troubleshooting. I will also complete the site with a forum to answer your questions.


Hope to meet you !